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Traditional Engraved Scottish Dirk

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Engraved Scottish Dirk, Traditionally, a blade such as this Engraved Scottish Dirk would have been carried by a member of the Highland Regiments. Once, it would have been a side-arm, but today, it serves mostly as a ceremonial weapon to complete the iconic Highland attire. Essentially a sort of long knife, the highland dirk was the continuation of daggers in the highland territory, one whose popularity made it a mainstay well into the modern day. This dirk is, as its name implies, a bit more flat in design the most, featuring a rounded, carved wood handle that is designed to be reminiscent in shape of the Thistle (which is Scotlands floral emblem). The dark features a lightly carved, decorative blade of hand crafted steel, as well as fine brass accents on the hilt of the dagger. Included with the blade is a matched scabbard, crafted from wood and wrapped in black leather, while also being adorned with matched brass fittings, which have been ornately carved for added appeal. Paired with the classic highland attire, this Engraved Scottish Dirk is a fine ceremonial arms to have hanging at your hip, one that completes the look and helps to resurrect the old style and look of the Highland Regimentals.